When we say “Action ” Vets go to work.



V2S acts as an open door for veterans, helping them jumpstart a career in the commercial production business.

Co-founded by David Cohen, Peter Friedman and Colonel (ret) Maureen Weigl, V2S is a not-for-profit organization that provides U.S. military veterans:

  • Introduction
  • Apprenticeship
  • Training
  • Meaningful employment in commercial production


When you submit your profile to Vets2Set, you get:

Meaningful employment & networking opportunities

Your own personal network of production professionals

Opportunities to work on additional commercials as well as expanding into longer format projects

Unique job opportunities personalized to your skill set

how it works

Vets2Set will maintain a proprietary database of veterans’ personal and professional information that a production company needs when staffing a production.  Production companies will reach out directly to veterans when a production is starting and will then enlist two veterans for a job.

Payment to each veteran is made directly by the production company. Each veteran will fill out a W9 tax form at the start of employment. Each day a time card is filled out and tracked by the production company, same as for all their employees. At the conclusion of the job all appropriate taxes will be deducted, as designated by the veteran, and a check will be sent from the production company directly to the veteran.  At no time does any payment come to V2S.

A simple completion report will be filled out at the conclusion of each job and logged into our proprietary database.  This helps V2S track the success of the program. 

meet the team

Vets2Set is anchored and led by the deep connections and experience of its team members—who have experience in both the advertising and production industries as well as the U.S. Military and Department of Labor in regard to veteran resource deployment and affairs. With this dynamic set of individuals, V2S is able to successfully provide veterans with unique opportunities that meet their needs.

contact vets2set

Whether you’re a veteran, an industry employer, or a future donating partner, VETS2SET is here for you. Please fill out the form that corresponds to you, and V2S will provide the additional next steps.